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Our extensive hire fleet of breakers can be matched to machines for 0.8-50 tonnes and with saddles to fit a vast array of machine makes and models we are well placed to assist with your hire needs.


Concrete Pulverizers for primary and secondary demolition are available for hire to fit machines from 13-30 tonnes, as fixed or rotating units we have the tool for your job.

Sorting Grapples

Rotating Sorting Grapples, the extra hand you require for sorting, tidying, loading or stripping. The ability to safely strip cladding from a structure or separate different materials for recycling makes a Rotating Sorting Grapple one of the most versatile attachments that can be fitted to an excavator.


Indeco Mulching Heads for overgrown land clearance, bushes and small trees are no match for the IHC, with units to suite machines 5-13 ton excavators

Riddle bucket 5-13Ton

Riddle or Shaker buckets are designed to remove larger rocks or concrete from finer materials such as soil or hardcore so to enable a higher quality end product to be produced. 

Ripper Hook 13 Ton

Ripper Hook, for pulling up Tarmac, concrete slabs, or clawing through tightly compacted ground too hard for a regular bucket.


Hydraulic Vibrating Compactor Plates for soil compaction around footings or compaction of back-fill into trenches on pipelines or drainage. 


Fencing, piling or hole boring for drainage, our range of Augers will fit excavators from 1.5-20 tonnes with a range of Tungsten tipped flights from 150mm up and extentions to drill deeper if needed 

Pallet Forks

Reversible Excavator Pallet Forks are the perfect solution for unloading materials on pallets or in bulk bags. Suitable for 5-20 tonne excavators with floating pin style forks for easy positioning    

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